Pioneering Green Safety Steel Doors and Windows Since the Year 2000

We provide our customers with profile systems and technical solutions.

Pioneering Green Safety Steel Doors and Windows Since the Year 2000

Safety coverage: Fireproof, bulletproof, anti-theft and other properties

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Innovative Steel Frame Systems

Kinoge has earned a reputation for its groundbreaking efforts in developing and producing precision cold-formed steel profiles. The company has introduced cutting-edge steel frame systems for doors, windows, partitions, and curtain walls. Kinoge's precision steel profiles stand shoulder-to-shoulder in quality with equivalent imported products from Europe and America, delivering exceptional safety, fire resistance, heat insulation, and energy efficiency.

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Extensive Project Portfolio

Kinoge boasts a remarkable history of involvement in thousands of top-tier construction projects in China and globally. Prominent endeavors encompass iconic structures such as the Shanghai Tower, the transformation of China Central Television, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Village and the National Museum of China. This expansive portfolio is a testament to Kinoge's profound proficiency and capacity to furnish secure and high-performing building solutions suitable for diverse applications.

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Research & Development

Kinoge consistently enhances its product range by prioritizing safety, fire resistance, thermal insulation, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Kinoge's unwavering dedication to research and development has positioned it as a frontrunner in the industry secured almost 20 Chinese national patents. It consistently creates products that meet and surpass industry benchmarks, adeptly catering to distinct market requirements.


> M65 Steel Curtain Wall System/Facade System

> M65 Steel Sunroom System

> M50 Steel Curtain Wall System/Facade System

> K65 steel non-insulation door and window system

> K65 steel insulation door and window system

> M30 stainless steel fire-resistant partition and door system

> M50 large size steel door system

> K65/M65 centre pivot door system

> LS steel curtain wall system/facade system

M50 Steel Curtain Wall System

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