Wuhan Rail Station

WuHan Rail Station

Safety and functionality are increasingly important in architectural design, especially for large public buildings like the Wuhan High-Speed Railway Station. Its main entrance door system must handle a lot of people daily and ensure safety in emergencies, such as fires. The architects have chosen Kinoge's K65 stainless steel profile door system for its longevity and fire safety.

The K65 stainless steel profile door system has an innovative design and outstanding performance. It meets the Wuhan High-Speed Railway Station's needs for aesthetics and durability, as well as fire safety protection. It ensures passenger safety in emergencies and enhances the quality and image of the railway station.

The K65 stainless steel profile door is an innovative product that combines stainless steel glass doors and fire-resistant doors. It has a modern design with stainless steel frames and embedded glass, offering durability, security, and transparency. It also meets national standards like "Steel Doors and Windows" (GB/T 20909-2017) and "Fire Doors" (GB 12955-2008), ensuring excellent fire resistance.

For the Wuhan High-Speed Railway Station, our K65 stainless steel profile doors have a concealed hardware system for automatic closing. They provide convenient and secure entry and exit paths for passengers. In fires, the doors can automatically close to stop the flames and give passengers more time to evacuate. Moreover, the stainless steel and glass materials make these doors durable and weather resistant, keeping their appearance and function over time.

Wuhan Rail Station-Kinoge
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