CCTV Headquarters

CCTV Headquarters

As awareness of fire safety in construction grows, the use of fire-resistant windows and partitions is expanding, especially in iconic structures like the China Central Television (CCTV) headquarters. Our company met these rigorous fire safety requirements by providing high-quality fire-resistant window and partition systems, leveraging our industry-leading fire safety technology.

CCTV Headquarters_high-quality fire-resistant window and partition systems

Our fire-resistant window and partition products adhere to national standards and offer these key advantages:

  1. Strong Fire Resistance: Our high-quality steel profiles and fire-resistant glass combination ensure fire system integrity, preventing flame spread and protecting people.
  2. Aesthetic Integration: Our designs blend seamlessly with interior decor, combining fire resistance with aesthetics.
  3. Convenient Installation: Our modular assembly allows easy maintenance and custom designs based on customer needs.
high-quality fire-resistant window and partition systems

Kinoge K65 steel fire-resistant windows and partitions were used extensively in the CCTV headquarters building. They can stop fire from spreading and protect people in the building. They also match the building's interior design, creating a beautiful and practical effect. Customers and the industry praised them highly. Kinoge received the "Supplier Luban Award", the highest honor in the industry, for this project.

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