Case Study

WuHan Rail Station

WuHan Rail Station Safety and functionality are increasingly important in architectural design, especially for large public buildings like the Wuhan High-Speed Railway Station. Its main entrance door system must handle a lot of people daily and ensure safety in emergencies, such as fires. The architects have chosen Kinoge’s K65 stainless steel profile door system for …

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CCTV Headquarters

CCTV Headquarters As awareness of fire safety in construction grows, the use of fire-resistant windows and partitions is expanding, especially in iconic structures like the China Central Television (CCTV) headquarters. Our company met these rigorous fire safety requirements by providing high-quality fire-resistant window and partition systems, leveraging our industry-leading fire safety technology. Our fire-resistant window …

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Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower As the tallest building in China and an iconic super high-rise building, the Shanghai Tower has particularly stringent requirements for fire safety. Our company formed a core technical team, overcame challenges, competed with many well established global manufacturers, and won the contract to supply steel fire-resistant windows for the Shanghai Tower’s 12 inner …

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China UnionPay Headquarter

China UnionPay Headquarter China UnionPay (中国银联), headquartered in Shanghai, China, serves as a bank card cooperative organization under the People’s Bank of China. It plays a central and pivotal role in the Chinese bank card industry. The design of its operational office building not only needs to reflect the gravitas and seriousness befitting its financial …

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