K65 Fline Steel System

The K65 Fline system can be made of steel or stainless steel. Being highly fireproof and durable, this system enables architects to design doors and windows that allow maximised natural lighting or a much wider range of window quilt patterns for historic buildings.

All components of the K65 Fline have been manufactured through standardisation and industrialisation. Noticeably, this system applies dry installation, which makes it easy to maintain and recycle, thus energy-efficient.

K65 Fline Slim Frame Steel Windows System


  • The galvanised steel profile system's surface can be painted with high-tempera¬≠ture spray. Customers can choose the colour of the spray paint at will.
  • We have customised surface treatment services to cater to special needs. The surface of the stainless steel profile system can pair with brushed treatment, or wear coatings made of antique or real copper and 24k gold via vacuum plating.
  • The system is a combination of galvanised steel profiles, stainless steel profiles, and aluminium alloy profiles.
  • Featuring a slim frame, this system allows a broader visual field and an unstuffy feeling, which meets the aesthetic standards nowadays.
  • This system allows architects to design doors and windows that can bring in more natural lighting compared to their traditional counterparts. We also offer personalised designs for profiles


Outward Opening Window



Frame thickness: 65mm

Sash thickness: 65mm

Internal/External visible width of frame: 25/10mm

Internal/External visible width of sash: 35/50mm

Glass thickness range (held by sash): 6-40mm




Fire Resistance: More than E 60

K value: less than 1.8 w/(m2.K) (depending on glass configuration)

Sound Insulation: Can reach 34dB (Level 3) (depending on glass configuration)

Water Tightness: Exceeds 600Pa

Air tightness: q1=positive pressure 2.9/negative pressure 3.5m2/(m-h), q2=positive pressure 1.3/negative pressure 1.5m2/(m-h)

Wind pressure resistance performance: 5000Pa

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