K65 Steel Non-insulation Door Systems


Developed and manufactured by Kinoge, our K65 series profiles are specifically made for the non-insulated frame systems' doors and windows. The material can be either steel or stainless steel, which is suitable for exterior doors and windows or interior partitions of buildings with low heat insulation requirements.

The K65 series doors and windows system can be paired with glass of different levels of performance with cost-effectiveness and high compatibility. 'Tongue and groove Joint' design maintains reliable performance of doors and windows. Non-insulated systems include the following products:

  • K65 Steel Door System (made of Steel / Stainless Steel)
    • Horizontal depth: 65mm
    • 'Tongue and groove joint' design
    • Compatible with single-leaf, double-leaf, and centre-pivot doors and fixed partitions
  • K65 Ultra Slim Steel Doors and Windows
    • Horizontal depth from 25 mm up to 40 mm
    • Caters projects with low insulation requirement yet prefer slim frames
    • For example, historical or classical building exterior renovations and interior partitions

The K65 series steel doors and windows system can also be made into non-insulated doors and windows when pairing with glass with corresponding properties.The K65 system meets the certification requirements of the EU CE and the AAMA & NFRC.

K65 Steel Non-insulation Door System


  • The steel doors and windows system can achieve a variety of textures along with the combinations of different types and materials of profiles
  • Galvanised steel profile system: can have a variety of colours through high-temperature spray.
  • Stainless steel profile system: can be processed into embossed, mirrored, or brushed surface effect; wearing coatings made of antique or real copper and 24k gold via vacuum plating are also available.
  • All galvanised and stainless steel profile systems and aluminium alloy systems can be combined on demand.
  • Rooted from the inherent high strength of the steel material, the profiles can be slimmer yet still be able to support a curtain wall system with large spans and large glass panels. Our diversified choices of personalised profiles also allow architects to imagine buildings with a more elegant and transparent architectural appearance.




  • Well-established collection of systematic steel components liberate creativity
  • The development and application of U-, T-, and criss-cross types of connectors greatly improve the installation accuracy of the steel profiles systems.
  • Kinoge's components of the non-insulated partition door system allows well-estab­lished, scientific, and flexible installation. Our system is suitable for the interior partitions, especially for designated refuge areas in public facilities like shopping malls and office buildings.


  • Fire resistance class: E30-E180
  • Blast resistance class: RC1-3
  • Bulletproof dass:FB4 NS



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