K65DQ Steel Doors System With Thermal Break

Lower Heat Loss For Doors And Windows
High Structural Stability

Kinoge adopted the concept of a truss structure to develop the integrated bridge-cut-off steel profile, which has higher structural stability, better durability, and more stable fire safety performance. Its frames can be easily recycled and reused as an environmentally-friendly building material. The K65DQ series heat-insulated doors and windows have a low K-value (w/M2*k) and U-value (BTU/h*ft2*F) while having a slim visible width. The K65DQ series frame system has multiple sub-categorical products, which can be combined with glass of varying properties. It is widely used in commercial and residential buildings and renovation projects for old buildings. The K65DQ system is at the forefront of the doors and windows industry regarding safety, mechanical strength, and durability.


The K65DQ system includes the following series of products:

  • The K65DO doors system (steel or stainless steel) with thermal break. The profile's horizontal depth is 65mm, suitable for single and double doors.
  • The K65DO windows system (steel or stainless steel) with thermal break. The delicate and elegant steel profiles are combined with European sUndard window hardware systems to achieve internal opening windows, internal push-pull windows, external opening windows, pivot windows, tilt-out windows, and double opening windows.
  • The K65DO ultra-slim steel windows and doors system with thermal break. The visible width of the profiles ranges from 25 mm to 40 mm. This system Is suitable for delicate classical style windows, especially for historic buildings.
  • The K65DO steel window systems can be combined with Insulated composite fireproof glass to achieve an integrated fireproof glass doors and windows system with various
  • The K65DQ system meets the certification requirements of EU CE and AAMA & NFRC functionalities.


Our waterproof and sealing technologies of heat-insulated steel windows adopt the most advanced hidden rear ventilation and drainage technology to achieve the drainage function of the isobaric chamber. The steel window frame adopts seamless welding technology with better waterproof and sealing performances.


  • Fire resistance class: EI30-EI90/E30-E90/EW30-EW60
  • Blast resistance class: RC1 -3
  • Bulletproof class: FB4 NS
  • Thermal insulation performance: K value < 1.2w/(m2.k)
  • Soundproof performance: 33dB - 41dB
  • Transmittance: 65% - 76%
  • Hardware: remote control and automatic sensor systems, compatible with EU imported and premium domestically manufactured doors and windows hardware.
  • Window Styles: Internal opening windows, internal push-pull windows, external opening windows, pivot windows, tilt-out windows, and double opening windows.
  • Door Styles: Compatible with single-leaf, double-leaf, and centre-pivot doors with opening angles of 90 degrees or 180 degrees.
  • All components of the system have been manufactured through standardization and industrialization. Noticeably, this system applies dry installation, which makes it easy to maintain and recycle, thus energy-effi¬≠client.


K65_Door illustration





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