LS Steel Curtain Wall System

Kinoge has recently cleared the obstacle of achieving large-span curtain wall systems using a newly developed ultra-large cross-section high-precision composite steel profile. The new Large Span curtain wall profile has a strong load capacity, and the system is equipped with high-strength curtain wall hardware, enabling the whole Large Span curtain wall system to achieve high load capacity. Though it has larger spans and fewer load-bearing structures featuring a more transparent architectural appearance, the curtain wall system can still maintain high structural stability.


  • Material: carbon steel or stainless steel
  • High-precision composite steel profiles have a smaller R angle that integrates the strength of steel with the precision of cold-rolled steel surfaces. The cold processing techniques eliminate the need for polishing.
    Custom-made profiles can be produced according to customers' requirements. The profile cross-section size ranges from 65 mm to 450 mm, and the thickness ranges from 4 mm to 30 mm.
  • The steel profile system can be spray-painted in various colors and is suitable for different architectural styles while maintaining an excellent appearance and weather resistance.
  • Surface composite stainless steel profiles can achieve various brushed surface effects, reflecting the modern architectural style of metal texture.
  • The system adopts prefabricated installation; each component can be easily adjusted and dissembled and does not require any profile destruction or in-site drilling, dramatically boosting efficiency.
  • The frame system can be recycled and has high energy efficiency. The large-span curtain wall system suits hotels, office buildings, apartment complexes, exhibition centers, airports, and commercial buildings with sizable glass curtain wall systems. This system can host larger glass panels and make buildings look more transparent, which makes it a revolutionary upgrade from the traditional aluminum-clad steel curtain wall structures.






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