M50 Steel Curtain Wall System

All components of our M50 system have been manufactured through standardisation and industriali­ sation. We incorporate the modular construction process into our profiles, which greatly simplifies the process, improves efficiency, and causes no loss of materials throughout the installation process. Using galvanised and stainless steel profiles also boosts structural strength and weather resistance performance.


  • We combine profiles of different performances to maximise cost-effectiveness in accordance with the project's specific requirements for different sections.
  • The steel profile system can be spray-painted In a variety of colours and is suitable for various architectural styles while maintaining excellent appearance and weather resistance.
  • We have customised surface treatment services to cater to special needs. The surface of the stainless steel profile system can pair with brushed treatment, or wear coatings made of antique or real copper and 24k gold via vacuum plating.
  • The high strength characteristics of steel render our profiles a slim appearance yet still work reliably with large-sized glass panels. With a diverse and personalised selection of profile cross-sections, we can meet various architectural design requirements.


M50 Steel Curtain Wall System Product



  • The system adopts prefabricated installation, each component can be easily adjusted, dissembled, and does not require any destruction of the profile or on-site drilling, which greatly boosts efficiency.
  • The components can be reused, which greatly reduces material waste.
  • The development and application of high-precision cast-joining parts and
    glass supports have greatly improved the installation accuracy of the entire system.
  • Kinoge curtain wall steel profile system is comprehensive, scientific, and flexible, which can be widely used in large commercial buildings.



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