M65 Steel Curtain Wall Sunroom System

Consisting of glass panels and metal frames, a sunroom allows maximised transparency and sunlight exposure, and is highly valued by those who want to feel connected to nature at the comfort of being at home. All components of the system have been manufactured through standardi­ sation and industrialisation. Noticeably, this system applies dry installation, which makes it easy to maintain and recycle, thus energy-efficient.
All load-bearing components of the system are galvanised or stainless steel, which can be paired with thermal insulated doors and windows system, sun-shading system, HVAC system, heating supply system, and remote control system.


M65 Steel Curtain Wall Sunroom System-Product

Curtain wall and sunroom


Rooted from the inherent high strength of the steel material, the profiles can be slimmer yet still be able to support a curtain wall system with large spans and large glass panels.

Our diversified choices of personalised profiles also allow architects to Imagine buildings with a more elegant and transparent architectural appearance.


  • Fire resistance class: EI30-EI90/E30-E90/EW30-EW60
  • Blast resistance class: RC1-3
  • Bulletproof class: FB4 NS
  • Thermal insulation performance: less than 1.2 w/(m2.K)
  • Soundproof performance: 33dB - 41 dB
  • Transmittance: 65% - 76%


  • A well-established collection of systematic steel components liberates creativity
  • The development and application of U-, T-, and criss-cross types of connectors greatly improve the installation accuracy of the steel profile systems.



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